08h45  A bus will pick you up at the hotel and bring you to the De Standaard

09h30  Visit to De Standaard newspaper and meeting with news editor

12h00  End of visit to De Standaard

12h45  Lunch at Hotel Charlemagne

Lokatie: European Parliament, Paul-Henri Spaakgebouw, Wiertzstraat 43 (Room: 4B48)

14h00  Introduction to the role of the European Parliament
           Jan Verlaan, Directorate for Relations with Citizens, European Parliament

14h30  Meeting with Wim van Velzen, Member of the European Parliament, Christian Democratic
           Theme: The role of the European Parliament in prompting reform at the European Commission

15h15  Meeting with Rosemary (Dana) Scanlon, Member of the European Parliament (Ireland)
           Theme: How will enlargement impact upon the smaller nations of the European Union

16h00  The Brussels lobbying machine – how does it work and how much power does it yield?
           Geneviève de Bauw, Director EU Government Affairs, Dow Europe

17h30  End of visit to European Parliament

19h00  Dinner with Brussels correspondent at restaurant “Balthazar”, Rue Archimède 63